Decorate Interiors with Elegant Canvas Print

Creating canvas is a big business at the moment, with countless numbers being marketed for presents in the USA daily. Latest increase in reputation towards performers such as Andrew Warhol and road specialist Banksy have significantly influenced design and styles, with many top internal developers designers using Canvas painting in their styles.

While Canvas Prints looks beautiful and are used in interior designs, issues faced by photographers, designers, printers or by salesperson in creating and delivering a Canvas Print is observable to the concerned persons.

PhotoLabSoft was developed by a team who saw the subject and started working on software that carries away all the complications in developing a Canvas print.

PhotoLabSoft is an online software which manages the orders in Photo Labs easily by keeping Photographers, Designers, Printers, Binders and Salespersons connected and informed at every progress.

How PhotoLabSoft works?

Place an Order:
Photographer or client of Photographer who has an image to be printed as a Canvas Print, places an order with PhotoLabSoft.
Once you placed the order, you can further customize it according to your needs. PhotoLabSoft automatically calculates the cost at the time of order placement which helps the client get a rough idea.

There’s an administrator who performs various activities like managing the client, taking orders, application settings etc. and would be available to take all your queries if you have any.

Print the Image:
Next step is obviously to have your photo or picture printed out onto Canvas. Printer is responsible for completing all printing jobs as per the requirement of the photographer or the client of the photographer.

Your Canvas Print is ready:
When your image is printed on a Canvas Print, it is handed over to Binder who makes sure that the resulted print is ready to be delivered.
At last, the order is collected by the Salesperson who helps photographers or clients of photographers get their order delivered.

Hang Canvas:
Finally, it is time to hang your new canvas print.

PhotoLabSoft informs the client at every level from placing an order till the order is ready to be delivered so that the client is aware about the progress at each stage.

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